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The Centerline Sports team consists of an executive leadership panel committed to one single vision, "Turning the Passion we have for sports and sports betting into Profit”. While “others” offer two or three picks without guaranteed success, Centerline Sports is different. We offer a complete strategy that, when followed, will result in betting success.  Sports betting is a billion-dollar industry.  It's exciting to be a part of, and its not very fun when you're losing. With Centerline you simply do not lose. 


We spend hours per day, when the others are sleeping, looking ahead to the up-and-coming sports. We do the research for you and you input our picks for your profit. It's really that easy! Centerline’s system also offers insurance picks should a parlay or group of picks not go our way on a particular day.    


Centerline Sports is in it for the long term and we use the picks and in-plays that we provide so that we can measure our very own success as well as yours. It’s a different system that will enable you to meet your profit goals. 


There are simple rules when you are pursuing profit. The first rule is "Do Not Chase" and over-bet to recover;  this is something we do not do. We track our success over the month and take a business approach to success. Centerline Sports only selects picks that put you in a position for profit. We do not select teams because they are underdogs or because they are a favorite.  

One of our recent subscribers started his profit journey with $250.00. He has followed our strategy and after just 12 months that $250.00 is now over $53,000.00!  This goes to show our formula and strategy approach are a success!

Centerline is interactive; We are in the game!  Our Game-day sports podcast allows users to join in live and discuss the day's games and happenings in Sports!! Please view our “ALL IN” program for an amazing rewards opportunity only Centerline Sports offers!!


Following Sports is even more enjoyable when you're making a ton of money doing it!

Subscribe now. You have nothing to LOSE!! Only Profit to GAIN! 

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