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The Centerline Sports journey has humble beginnings and was born to inspire change. They say when you do what you love it isn’t work, more importantly it comes naturally. Starting in 2005 and with less than 300 dollars our founder developed a Sports Wagering model that was intended to be a supplemental revenue stream to help support his family.


He realized the lines makers were very good at what they did. It was a profitable business for them so he had to develop a model that was profitable for him.  He began by paying for advice from handicappers with marginal results at best, He then boldly developed a strategy focused on small wins that overtime grew his account into six figures.  He embarked on a mission to help those he worked with daily to help them also support their families better. The mission statement became “ Life is better when you're not worried about how you will pay your electric bill every month”.  


He was able to duplicate his success for others, enhancing the lives of their families and that’s when Centerline Sports was born. While the founder prefers to remain in the background building his vision to help others, he carefully and selectively formed a like minded executive team to begin the mission to change people's lives globally. Though he has found a successful path, he remains selfless. He would rather focus on sharing his strategy and help the people working two or even three jobs to make ends meet.


By offering an alternative that Sports minded people can follow, watch and earn revenue from their home and with their families.  Today, Centerline Sports is growing. We are making a daily team effort to be the good guys in handicapping. “Losses are speed bumps preparing you to win” and you can't win if you don’t play. Change your life, play today, let's win together!!!

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