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In the world of “Money” sports can we save College Football ?

Ok, we get it . Playing in the College Football post season could expose the 5 star player draft status , injury and possibly millions, maybe and a big maybe... We‘ve all seen what the big Money machine known as the “NFL“ has done to the sports industry , sports betting, coaches , players , anyone really even around it . College sports should remain different, clean, wholesome , full of heart, hard play, teamwork, brotherhood and go get one for the Ala Mater. Many consumers plan travel across the country spending hard earned money supporting schools only to cheer on the back ups that didn’t really get the team to that bowl game . Disheartened yet they still show , cheer and most of the time lose because the stars weren’t in the most important game of the season. The NFL is getting hard to watch, even harder to believe it’s not becoming the WWE and it’s all pre determined outcomes . We need to stop this practice before we end up with the end of bowl games because the players decided not to attend . Of course , there are always three sides to every story but keeping College Sports clean should be an easy and unbiased call. Players simply need to play out every game of every season they sign for , and allow the paying customer and supporter to enjoy the entertainment they’ve paid for. We’ve forgotten the meaning behind the Sport. America, these are our children , let’s teach them to do what’s right . It’s not always about them. It’s about the paying customer as well. Again, this is just a view , but being ahead of a problem certainly pays than being behind it .

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